This is a collection of stuff from my journey on the net along with stuff I've made during the past ten twenty years or so. Some of the stuff I've made has timestamps, while other things I've collected I'll state otherwise.

Choose your own adventure

The 1980s called, and they want you to get a choose your own adventure book and flip through the pages. Except it's now 2022 and most kids don't read books anymore. Nor are you a kid. Go through a few politically incorrect stories and see if you can make it without dying. Take note they might be offensive and were all written by committee with a lot of alcohol involved.

The Space Junk Series

This is one of the longer writing series I've done over a very... very long time. I'm in the air about publishing these formally in a book as I complete them (soon...(tm)) but enjoy the chapters currently online and a future plot synopsis for other books planned in the series.

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