The Space Junk Series

Space Junk is the name of the book (actually a series of books) I’ve been writing up and planning since early 2005. A early version of the first few chapters was published in 2007 on this site with about 100 views or so over the period of 3 years. The whole idea of the story came from comic books me and two of my childhood friends drew when we were children, of course with a bit of modification and a better plot design along the way. It’s intended to be a series of at least 3 books.

The stories are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. I’d love to have people link to them, that is if it’s good enough.

The Bright Future

A guy named Jim and his three friends get stuck in a war that takes place in the future between humans and a race who makes other species slaves. When the aliens lose the war, they set out to the past to enslave the human race before they are knowledgeable in space and time travel. Jim and his three friends, along with help from humans in the future set out in order to prevent the aliens for damaging the way things should be occurring, along with defending the future humans from being enslaved once again.
While being in the future, they realize that the time they come from is technically a darker time in human history, and that seeing the future, even with its conflicts, their futures could be better if they work towards it.

The Dark Future - Coming Soon (TM)

Taking place exactly 10 years after the end of The Bright Future, Jim and his friends hold the greatest secret on the planet, that humanity is not alone, they've seen the future, have equipment from the future, and are responsible for creating what eventually equates to the custodian and guardian of humanity. Being cogs in the system they live in, they struggle trying to come to terms of this, even as the rest of the US starts to collapse around them. Will Jim keep his mental sanity long enough to see his creation come to fruition, or will all of them even survive long enough to tell their story to others? Are the "resistance towns" allies, or are they even worse of a friend to be than their own government?

The Grey Future - Coming Soon (TM)

Jacob Bauer is just your typical high school student in his "free town" of Millstadt. He helps his mother and sister with their family farm since his dad was murdered by the US government a few years before, gets decent grades and participates on his high school wrestling team. Unfortunately, his normal life gets savagely destroyed by a unknown force. With everyone he knows gone, he is left with several hints to follow: who is Brian Thomas and what is the "North American Republican Forces"? Who destroyed his hometown? Who is the greedy looking guy who showed up to tell him that resistance fighters looted his city and is he lying? Follow him as he travels across the country to figure out who destroyed his life and his search for justice as a result.

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