Strangeness Networks is a site currently being used to host one person's blog and a few personal writings whenever this site's webmaster decides to publish something new. Sometimes I'll put something random in the "Collections" section that I find interesting or cobbled together, with no real organization.

Originally, this site and domain was to be used to produce an "alternative media" site and provide free hosting to people who wanted to publish random things. It might look like it's fairly empty and hasn't been around a while. However, this site had quite a long history, although the looks of it don't really show that.

Strangeness Networks began in the late 90's as a geocities site. This was some random website created by a group of 3 ten and eleven year olds who wanted to put their comic books online for everyone to see. (Eventually they all grew up a year or two later and took them all down to avoid embarrassment.)

Over the course of 5 years, between 2000 and 2005, the site evolved into a website still hosted on free, really bad webhosting that served really crummy stories written by 3 guys who also liked to rant a lot about their high school lives.

In mid 2004, the admins decided to combine forces together to create a webhosting service. The hosting was somewhat a success in their opinion and hosted the random blogs of at least 15 people in their high schools. The site continued on over the next few years, involving a random blog with rants on people being stupid, and several different fanfictions (mainly involving Ed, Edd N Eddy) were posted along the way. With multiple people goofing around on the backend, links were constantly broken by accident and sometimes got fixed and other times didn't.

In 2008, was purchased, with intention of being used to provided free hosting again to people's creative writings, however, since all three of the administrators graduated high school and went off to college the year before, interest fell out and the idea never came into being. Not too long later, the site was converted to a wordpress blog (now on its own domain) which is updated as frequently as everything else was before.

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