Choose Your Own Adventure Games

This page is somewhat of a homage to old choose your own adventure books and text based games that were out in the 1980s.
These pages were designed with minimal html in mind to look the best on a console based browser for that noastalgia feel. Stories may be added whenever I seem fit or based on the situation to give me an idea.

This page is a total work in progress and should have not been indexed by any search engine bots yet. This directory and related pages have not been linked back to the main site. If you came here from a link, please keep that in mind that some of the stories may not be complete or are in any logical order. (Expect 404's).

List of current (Work in progress games):

You are the embodiement of every Social Justice Warrior's (SJW/Baizo/Femenazi/etc) worst enemy out there. Your goal is to survive a day in a futuristic Seattle where their rule is law.

Yet another dystopia
You are an historian living in an alternate timeline where the Germans and Japanese won WWII. You are trying to trace the mystery of "camps" rumors had that occured during the 1940s while keeping cover of your ancestory.

Kinda Lost in Space
You are a random teenager in a distant future who decided to steal a spaceship for kicks. You are completely unaware of how things work off of Earth.

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