Walking out into the kitchen, you grab a bag of soy-based protein that looks like cereal. Pouring a bit into a bowl, you then put a bit of soy milk in there and begin to eat it with a spoon. It is insanely sweet, full of all kinds of sugar, soy and some chemicals that are designed to sterilize you. You’ve been eating this stuff for several years now, supposedly boys who eat this when they are young become more feminine then they should. At your older age, the only thing this does is make you slightly overweight and unattractive, and also lowers your libido. Regardless, you have a monitoring device attached to your genitals that will shock you if you are aroused and will call the authorities if repeat offenses are detected in a short period of time.

You see your daughter and your son (though you know neither are yours because their skin color is significantly darker than either you or your wife’s) enter the room. Your son is wearing a dress and appears to be a bit more emotional than usual. You assume its the food you two are being forced to eat. He pours himself a bowl of the same thing and sits next to you.
“How did you sleep last night dad?” he asks.
“Same as every night” you reply.
“Oh, that’s a bummer. Is it okay if I borrow a few dollars to buy something over lunch at school?”
“Yeah, that’s fine.”
You hand him a $500. As you hand him that money card, you remember the times when you could go watch a movie for a mere 15 dollars. Inflation went through the roof after the government changed. You never went to movies back when you were younger anyway, as you typically would sit on 4chan in your freetime. You remember the first election you ever voted in was for Donald Trump. Little did you know that would have been the last time you would have ever voted in an election again.

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